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Thursday, January 23, 2020

China Town or Petaling Street Market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Day 06 - Ep 15

Day 06 - Ep 15 - China Town or Petaling Street Market is fun to visit but not good for serious buying. Being a tourist it was a good experience to visit and experience different colors and flavors of the market. But if you are looking for a place to do some serious shopping with quality and expecting honest deals without any fraud, then this is for sure not the place.

Almost all products in the market are fake or copies and this is the reason why prices are that much low. But this is not why I don't recommend shopping from these markets or this one in particular. Like many others, I too knew that these markets sells fake or copies of original products and it was not a shock for me either. But the reason why I don't recommend serious buying from these markets is the prevailing dishonesty and increasing chances of fraud. Knowing what you are purchasing and paying for it is one thing and I have no issues with that. But people selling you stuff and doing fraud by selling defective or damaged items intentionally is what sucks.

I know, not all sellers are like that, we had wonderful experience enjoying fresh sugar cane juice, eating sweet honey dew melon slices from fresh fruit vendors. We got good bargain deals of women hand bags. But, I was short on device storage in my mobile and camera, so I already had a plan to get an SD Card from somewhere and I when I saw that stall in the market selling a huge number of gadgets and mobile/camera accessories, I went to purchase one from there. And, that turn out to be my mistake. Lesson learned: never ever purchase electronic items from these kind of markets. I played smartly though and checked the SD Card by installing it on my mobile phone before paying for it and verified that mobile shows the SD Card capacity to be 64GB. I thought that its all good, but it turns out that when you copy files SD Card won't complain or throw any error. But when you try to browse files in the SD Card you will find nothing. So, I end up wasting money, time and precious content.

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