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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

9 Days Road Trip to Malaysia by Car from Bangkok, Thailand - 19 Episodes

Road trips have always been close to my heart and I strongly believe that road trips on one's private conveyance is the best form among others (air, bus, train, etc.). And, if a road trip includes crossing into the border of neighboring countries and exploring the new landscapes for the first time, then the excitement level reaches to new heights :)

So, me and my wife, were planning to do such a trip for quite sometime. We do had experience of doing road trips within Thailand and we had been to Phuket, Krabi and Koh Chang, Trat, all by road from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. However this trip was one of a kind for us because we never did a road trip all the way to another country, which also means that we had to do a lot of legal preparations as well like visas, vehicle permits, license, insurance, etc.

The whole tour was a great learning experience for us and we believe its worth sharing for others as well, who can benefit from our learning, the unique facts and figures of the places we visit, some wonderful traveling tips and tricks that will help you in planning yours.

Although first 6 episodes/videos are in Urdu language but it has sufficient English captions of all important information and tips. All other episodes/videos are in English language. Please do not forget to provide your feedback and comments. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and we will be glad to provide answers. Also please subscribe to this blog and our YouTube channel and click Bell Icon as well to get latest updates.
  1. Day 01 & 02 - Ep 01 - Traveling by Car from Bangkok, Thailand to Malaysia via Padang Besar Border
  2. Day 02 - Ep 02 - Ferry to Kuah, Langkawi from Kuala, Perlis jetty
  3. Day 02 - Ep 03 - Padang Matsirat Sunday Night Market in Langkawi
  4. Day 03 - Ep 04 - Dataran Lang, Geo Park and Jetty Point, Kuah in Langkawi
  5. Day 03 - Ep 05 - Tanjung Rhu Beach - The Best Beach of Langkawi
  6. Day 03 - Ep 06 - Oriental Village in Langkawi
  7. Day 03 - Ep 07 - SkyCab, SkyBridge, SkyGlide and SkyBistro in Langkawi
  8. Day 04 - Ep 08 - Penang Bridge and Upside Down Museum in Penang
  9. Day 04 - Ep 09 - World's Largest Toy Museum in Penang
  10. Day 04 - Ep 10 - Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera and Char Koey Teow
  11. Day 05 - Ep 11 - Exploring Cameron Highlands in Pahang
  12. Day 06 - Ep 12 - Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur
  13. Day 06 - Ep 13 - Trying Malaysian Cuisine at Signatures Food Court of Suri KLCC in Kuala Lumpur
  14. Day 06 - Ep 14 - Dataran Mardeka, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Masjid Negara in Kuala Lumpur
  15. Day 06 - Ep 15 - China Town or Petaling Street Market in Kuala Lumpur
  16. Day 07 - Ep 16 - Trying Malaysian Cuisine Breakfast - Roti Cenai, Tosai and Teh Tarik at Kuala Lumpur
  17. Day 07 - Ep 17 - The Mesmerizing Genting Highlands
  18. Day 07 - Ep 18 - Skytropolis - Indoor Theme Park in Genting Highlands
  19. Day 07 - Ep 19 - Metro City, Star Lake, Food Trucks and Winter Wonderland in Genting Highlands
  20. Day 08 - From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Padang Besar, Perlis, Malaysia
  21. Day 09 - From Padang Besar, Perlis, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand. End of Tour.

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