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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Oriental Village in Langkawi, Malaysia - Day 03 - Ep 06

Day 03 - Ep 06 - Serving as a base station or a gateway for the top most attraction of Langkawi, Oriental Village is a beautifully designed open-air themed complex with strong architectural influences from China, Japan and West. Bright colors, aesthetically paved pathways and arc bridges over streams connected to central lake, all making it an amusing place for an enjoyable stroll. A vibrant marketplace that includes several shops, stalls and outlets all offering food and beverages, souvenir items, gadgets, exhibits, tours and rides.

Entry to Oriental Village is free for everyone. There's plenty of (automated) charged parking spaces in Oriental Village as it attracts a huge crowd throughout the year because of following attractions:

3D Art Langkawi
Eco Ride (Twizy Electric Car & Revgo Electric Bike)

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