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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Trying Malaysian Cuisine at Signatures Food Court of Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Day 06 - Ep 13

Day 06 - Ep 13 - After visiting the Petronas Twin Towers (see previous episode for details), it was almost lunch time and we head towards the famous Signatures Food Court of Suria KLCC. Suria KLCC is an upmarket retail center at the feet of the Petronas Towers. It features mostly foreign luxury goods and high-street labels. Its attractions include an art gallery, an underwater aquarium and also a Science center.

The Signatures Food Court has a lot of different options which offers both local/Malaysian as well famous international cuisines. We were obviously looking for a local Malaysian cuisine experience and we finally selected a restaurant called Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers and ordered following:

  1. Nasi Lemak Berempah - RM 15.90 - Very tasty :) & recommended! - Fried chicken, white boiled sticky coconut rice, Sambal sause, hard bioled egg, peanutes, anchovies, crackers and cucumber
  2. Soto Nasi Imput/Mihun - RM 15.90 - Average taste, won't try again :( - Rice noodles in soupy broth, chopped green onions, chopped red peppers, bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, peanuts, crispy crackery rice noodles as topping and a locally made some traditional black sauce. (there was also two fritter-kind-of thing in orangish-color on the top, wasn't really able to figure out what that was)
  3. We tried one more dish from a different restaurant called Chicken Rice & Wantan Mee, and the dish is called BBQ Chicken - RM 11 - Good taste :) - Grilled chicken breast chunks served on top of white boiled rice with sambal sauce and some greens on top. Accompanied with a very light plain soup.

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