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Monday, March 9, 2020

Traveling by Car from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand - Day 01 - Ep 01

Day 01 - Ep 01 - We left from Bangkok around 7am and travelled for almost 12 hours, with few quick stops in the middle, and reach Chiang Mai city center around 7pm. Now, we already knew that the Doi Inthanon National Park closes at 6:30pm, so we do not have a chance to checkin today, so we head straight to city center to do an overnight stay at Chiang Mai city.

So guys if you are planning to checkin the same day and you are traveling from Bangkok, then you should leave early like 5am and we did planned to leave that early, but unfortunately our last minute errands took too much of our time (we should have completed the packing at night instead of leaving some stuff to pack in the morning). Lesson learned, the hard way :(

So we reached Chiang Mai city center, quite exhausted and very hungry. So, we went straight to the city center food street and found this fabulous Turkish cuisine restaurant called Little Istanbul. The food was superb. Check out the video to see what we ordered and how it was? :)

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